Monday, July 11, 2011

The Hitcher (2007)

I haven't watched a slasher film in awhile, and O how I missed they. I cant say that this is the best slasher film I have ever seen, but it wasn't all that bad. Most slasher film's are not that good in the first place so as long as you include a coherent plot line, some cool gore, and at least one hot chick you got a watchable movie. The Hitcher is a remake, and I have never seen the original, so I cant compare or rate it in that way. The only other movie's that I can compare it to would be "Dual" or "Joy Ride". Compared to those two bad movies The Hitcher is outstanding, but compared to a good slasher movie it falls short. So basically it's an OK movie. Two collage kids are on a road trip to hit up spring break baby!!! Well on their way they almost hit some guy who's broke down on the highway. Instead of picking him up and saying sorry they high tail it out of there, leaving him wet and sad. When they make it to the gas station and are having a highly intelligent conversation with the hick clerk, the creepy guy they left wet shows up. Of course the dumb ass clerk goes "hey isn't this the guy you almost killed and left"? So then the college kid has to offer John (the creepy killer) a ride so that he doesn't seem like the biggest douche bag asshole ever. Well while they are on the road having a lovely time, John decides to go all I'm a big scary killer guy and pulls out a knife. He gives them I'm going to kill you line, and to save their ass's the two kids open the door and kick him out. Well now the Hitcher is all pissed off and that means let the cat mouse hunt begin. This movie does fulfill the big three you have to have in a slasher movie. The plot is a pretty well written cat mouse story, the chick who plays the main character Grace is hot, and there is at least one good gore scene. The scene I speak of is when the killer John finally gets Jim (the male college kid) and ties him up between a semi truck and trailer. He then gets into the truck and drives forward ripping Jim in half. Here let me draw you a picture to help you imagine it (See below). Sean Bean does a good job playing the killer, and he diffidently adds to the movie. Overall I would say that The Hitcher is a sold rent if you are a fan of horror movies. It keep my attention and did a nice job adding suspense to what could have been a bad boring movie.
Rating: 3 Yeti roars out of 5

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  1. haha omg I laughed my ass off at the picture! nicely done sir! I did want to see this movie!